Art Monocular

Gallery Scope is an excellent tool for the macro study of Art.

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Birding Binoculars

We believe that children need to use real optics binoculars to continue to foster their interest in nature

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Fountain Pen

Each fountain pen has been finely crafted and decorated by a professional Japanese craftsman.

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Laptop Stand

Beautiful design Laptop stand that blends with the MacBook.

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McFly Japan Trading Initiatives

” Bring smiles to Japan “

It’s been 3 years since we began to introduce world's Amazing items to Japan with the vision.

Our business is not only to introduce merchandise for commercial use, but also to discover its uniqueness and enhance quality as works of art.

It is one of our biggest pleasures to handle "excellent item" created with great care by Japanese or overseas manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on conveying the value of tradition, culture and joyous moment created by products collected from all over the world..