We handle causal kitchen goods, mainly cutlery manufactured in Japan.

The reputation of nives and cutlery products made in Japan has been rising overseas in recent years, partly boosted by the government-led policy "Cool Japan". In addition, cute (kawaii in Jpanese) kitchen goods, which feature haigh functionality and smart design, have been launched in the market one after another. Just like the fashion has a trend, kitchen goods also have a trend. We are always trying to catch the trend of the times accurately and reflecting it in our products lines in a timely manner.



Apart from goods for playing tennis, soccer etc. and other sports related goods we also handle cycling goods and goods for outdoor leisure.

Triggered by growing health awareness in recent years, more and more people are embracing sports and outdoor activities as part of their lifestyle. This is the hot item category in which a variety of products has been released one after the other to meet the needs of manufacturers and users. We are constantly expanding our line-ups of items which can be used in a wide range of scenes from numerous national and international sports brands as well as outdoor brands to high-quality brand products.

【Best Seller】BESPIN HD Binoculars for kids - Designed for Watching Wildlife -



We handle a wide range of stationery goods, mainly pens and notebooks of prestigious Japanese and overseas manufacturers.

In the category of stationery, Japanese manufacturers have strong momentum these days and innovative products like "a friction ball-point pen with erasing function" have been released in recent years. We are expanding our product lines to be able to meet the needs of both clients who seeks authentic products and those who seeks products that visualize a new life style.

【New!】Roman Premium Vintage Fountain Pen with a Refill -Made in Japan-

Digital devices


We handle all types of unique digital products developed mainly by foreign new venture enterprises.

Unique products in this category are featured in the media on a daily basis. This is the category in which end-users are highly interested. Strong curiosity of the Japanese people is the driving force to collect new products from all over the world.
We are expanding our line of products to satisfy our clients with our overseas partners while closely watching market trends to ensure to offer sustainable products.

【New!】eclipse creat Laptop stand -Tokyo Design-